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Create a Damn Good Business Plan - 4 Hour Video Course + Templates



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  • Over 59 lectures and 4 hours of content in clear step-by-step lessons
  • Learn the secrets to creating an effective, professional business plan for your new venture (works for any business in any country)
  • Use your plan to prove your concept and to provide to banks and investors in order to secure funding
  • Save 60% on this Udemy course – just $97 instead of $249 for RedeemThat members


Deal Details

Coming up with a concept for a new business idea is one thing, but actually putting that idea on to paper and creating an effective business plan is a totally different ball game. In fact, because it can be so tricky, many people skip writing one altogether.

Yet a good business plan can be the difference between success and failure.

Not only does it help you to prove your idea will work, it also gives you a clear and structured plan that you can follow once you go live. That can be vital in helping you retain focus as the launch of any new business is a hectic and busy time.

However, it goes much further then that because banks, investors, and even credit card processors will want to see proof that not only is your business idea viable, but you have also put the thought in to it to show you are serious.

So creating a good, professional business plan is not just desirable – it’s essential in getting your business idea off on the right foot and giving yourself the best possible chance of success.

And the good news is that writing a good business plan does not have to be as difficult as you think. There is a clear strategy you can follow and apply to any business; in any country to produce an outstanding business plan that will impress the banks and give you a blueprint you can follow to ensure your business is successful.

Introducing the ‘Create a Damn Good Business Plan!?’ Udemy training course by Laurent Timmermans......

Laurent is not only the founding director of his own consultancy company based in China, he also has vast experience in senior roles for a wide range of companies from youth organizations through to business training companies.

Through his unique course you will learn everything you need to know about researching your business idea to ensure its viability, through to putting your thoughts on to paper in a clear and professional manner.

Just take a look at the sections included in this comprehensive course.....


Part 1 – Analysing You & Your Business Idea

  • Section 1: Visual and Simple Analysis (Includes Report Templates)
  • Section 2:The Entrepreneur – Evaluate Your Strengths & Weaknesses (10 Videos)
  • Section 3: Introduction to Business Analysis (1 Video)
  • Section 4: Environment – Factors Affecting Your Business (6 Videos)
  • Section 5: Industry – Business Models & Competitive Analysis (10 Videos)
  • Section 6: Market – Understanding The Market You Will Operate In (3 Videos)
  • Section 7: Customer – Using Empathy Maps to Understand Your Customer (1 Video)
  • Section 8: Opportunity Statement (1 Video)
  • Section 9: Writing The Report (Article)


Part 2 – Create, Develop and Write Your Plan

  • Section 10: Introduction (1 Video + Business Plan Templates)
  • Section 11: Purpose – Define The Reason For Your Business (1 Video)
  • Section 12: Ambition – Where Do You Want to Go? (1 Video)
  • Section 13: Strategy – How Will You Get There? (2 Videos)
  • Section 14: Marketing Plan – Applying The Marketing Mix (5 Videos)
  • Section 15: Operations Plan – How Will Your Business Work? (1 Video)
  • Section 16: Talent Plan – How To Explain Organization Structure (1 Video)
  • Section 17: Financial Plan – Understanding and Demonstrating Cash Flow (4 Videos + Financial Statement Templates)
  • Section 18: Legal and Administrative Perspective (1 Video)
  • Section 19: Investors – Defining Fundraising and Exit Strategies (1 Video)
  • Section 20: Risk – Performing Risk Analysis and Mitigation (1 Video)
  • Section 21: Writing The Business Plan (Word Template)

As you can see, this is a comprehensive course that uses a combination of text and video to help you put together that killer business plan. But, it’s not just a series of tutorials. This course contains a wealth of usable templates that make it quick and easy for you to apply everything you learn and construct the perfect plan for your business.

Not only that but the business and character assessment in part 1 will help you identify any weaknesses and threats, not just in your business but in your own skillset too. This means you can better prepare to ensure your business is a success. Then part 2 gives you everything you need to construct the business plan that your bank or potential investor is looking for in order to convince them to put their trust in your idea.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of taking this course is that once you learn these skills and the business plan formula, you can apply them to any business, in any market, for the rest of your life. That means you can easily start creating plans for other new businesses or even outsourcing your services to other entrepreneurs who need your help.

Normally this course would set you back $249, however, for a limited time you can claim it for just $99 only on RedeemThat. Click the big green button below to get started.


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